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Multiple times a week, we source the freshest produce, eggs, meats, grains and dairy from the Union Square Greenmarket and local purveyors we trust like Pinos Prime Meats, Norwich Meadows Farm, Feather Ridge Farm, The NY Grains Project and more. We take all those ingredients and whip them into tasty meals and snacks for your little person.


Choose a 1-time trial week, or a 1 or 3 month subscription on our Shop page. Choose Stage 1, 2 or 3 depending on the age of your child. As your child grows, we’ll adapt our food to meet their needs. Choose your desired weekly pick-up location. Each week, you’ll receive enough meals for 5 days. We know you and your baby’s schedule changes from week to week so we leave some wiggle room so you don’t waste food or money. Complete your purchase online, then we’ll reach out to you to ask a few questions so we get to know you and your child better and can establish your start date.


6-8 months old. 13 items per week.  Each item is an age-appropriate serving size.


9-12 months old. 18 items per week. Each item is an age-appropriate serving size.


12-24 months old. 22 items per week.  Each item is an age-appropriate serving size.










You’ll get a suggested menu for the week ahead along with your items. All items are kept cold with ice packs and should be refrigerated within 2 hours of pick-up. Instructions for storage, warming, food safety and what items can be frozen will be included with every pick-up.

We offer a handful of weekly specials including our seasonal family meals (for mom and dad),  like winter squash lasagna or shepherd’s pie with grass-fed beef.  And especially for mom, we offer Mama’s Restorative Bone Broth and our cult-favorite gluten-free oatmeal-dark chocolate-fenugreek lactation cookies.  (Note that these cookies are so good, that the rest of your family will likely be eating them as well). Should you want to add anything on, you can purchase items online on our shop page. All add-on’s must be purchased 48 hours before your pick-up.

We are currently offering order pick-ups once per week at each location.  Your order of weekly meals and snacks will be ready to pick-up each Wednesday between 2pm-6pm at your chosen location site. Once you place your order, you’ll receive an email confirmation and we’ll help you schedule your start date.  We request orders be placed by the Friday afternoon prior if you would like to begin service the Wednesday of the following week.

East Village
Nourish Baby Studio
515 East 12th Street

 come say hi and see where the magic happens
at Nourish Baby’s production space and atelier!

West Village
Mah Ze Dahr Bakery
28 Greenwich Avenue

Geometry Kids
48 Grand Street

Fort Greene
Jill Lindsey
370 Myrtle Avenue

Don’t see your neighborhood listed? We’ve got to start somewhere! Let us know if you and your friends would like to see a pick-up location in your hood.

We can’t wait to feed your babe and we guarantee the utmost nourishing food produced in food-safe environment. We understand that children’s tastebuds develop at different speeds and their eating habits go through ups and downs. For instance, it may take up to 20 tastes of a food for a child to be comfortable eating it. With this in mind, we are unable to offer refunds or credit for items your child may or may not immediately cozy up to. We hope every food is a hit, and welcome all feedback. Any food we provide that is new to your child should be tasted with caution and adult supervision in case of allergic reaction. If we were not provided previous information, we are not liable for any allergic or adverse reaction your child may have to a food or ingredient.


photography by StylishHipKids