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Nourish Baby is a new voice
for infant-led eating and maternal wellness
providing fresh, intentionally-crafted baby food
and supportive items for motherly (and fatherly) self-care.

Nourishing foods for babes. 
Nurturing items and guidance for mamas and papas.
Ease of mind and wellness for everyone.

feeding the foundation

organic/seasonal ingredients from local farmers Organic/seasonal ingredients from local farmers
organic/seasonal ingredients from local farmers Free-range / grass-fed milk, meat and dairy
organic/seasonal ingredients from local farmers Non-GMO ingredients
organic/seasonal ingredients from local farmers Essential vitamins & minerals for growing babes

our story

Nourish Baby is a baby food subscription service and a fresh way of feeding the next generation.  Nourishing meals and snacks for young eaters ages 6-24 months, as well as thoughtful products to nurture new moms.
Nourish Baby was conceived to help the tiniest eaters build a healthy foundation and an adventurous palette from the very start through wholesome ingredients, balanced nutrients and varied flavors and textures. The offspring of NYC’s beloved health-supportive café, Nourish Kitchen + Table, Nourish Baby encourages a child’s independence, growth and development when transitioning to solid foods. And in turn, we hope to create a bit more headspace for busy parents and caretakers.

our philosophy


Nourish Baby is rooted in the highest quality seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients. Our meals and snacks are carefully considered so that they’re brimming with flavor and the right balance of protein, iron, good fat, complex carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals—all the nutrients important for growth and development. Our 3 stages of offerings address an infant’s varying nutrient needs as they mature and slowly wean off of breast milk or formula. We draw inspiration from time-honored feeding traditions of cultures and cuisines around the globe to ensure the best for your baby. From iron-rich and protein-packed egg yolk and grass-fed beef, to healthy fats like coconut oil, ghee and avocado, to wholesome sweet potato, spinach, bone broth and more, our ingredients help little ones nurture well-rounded taste buds and in turn, a well-rounded diet.

our philosophy


beyond baby

In addition to providing nourishing food for infants and toddlers, we think it’s important to support the physical and emotional wellness of mamas, parents and caretakers. Our selection of items crafted especially for mamas help women feel restored, replenished and energized.


behind the food

Marissa is a registered dietitian, holds a masters degree in nutrition, and is the owner of Nourish Kitchen + Table. She’s got over a decade of experience feeding and counseling adults, expectant and new moms, and kids. She hopes to be a mama someday, but in the meantime, she’s Aunt Miza to a whole lot of her friends’ babes. Marissa’s genuine belief in better food and healthier habits for the next generation is how Nourish Baby was born.


giving back

Looking beyond our kitchen, our goal is help drive change in underserved communities both near and far. Starting close to home, our partnership with Harlem Children’s Zone’s Baby College grants a select number of scholarships to families who will make the most out of our food over the course of 6 months. We hope Nourish Baby serves as a vibrant voice for early childhood eating and maternal wellness.